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Here’s what our Move Out Cleaning Service can do for You:

Move Out Cleaning is an add on to the regular cleaning service you can get from the Lavish Cleaning List, but with a primary focus on getting your deposit back!

Lavish Clean is committed to high standards. Our staff work from clear and accurate checklists, pre-agreed with you, and guaranteed to leave your home spotless.

Why hire us for your Move Out Cleaning Service?

Moving out is stressful enough as it is. But who wants to give the landlord a reason to withhold the deposit, right? Lavish Clean can remove kids’ scribbled drawings from walls. Disappear stubborn carpet stains. Scrub and rub kitchen appliances until your oven, fridge and microwave gleam and shine like new.
In short, Lavish Clean’s Phoenix move out cleaning service allows you to relax and focus on moving.
And if your new apartment isn’t exactly as clean as you’d like it to be, we can clean that for you too!
Not everyone enjoys cleaning. If we’re honest, just about everyone hates it.
And that’s perfectly fine.
The good news is that with Lavish Clean, you won’t have to lift a single rubber-gloved finger or wring out a single soppy mop. We take the stress out of your move out clean, while you get on with the fun things in life.
Bon voyage!
move out cleaning service

Acomplish Having a Clean, Luxurious, and Peaceful Home

You can book our move out cleaning services at an affordable cost whenever it is most convenient for you. Lavish Clean will make your home look, feel, and smell fresh and clean. who wouldn’t want their deposit back, right?.
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