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Keep yourself rested and your guests Impressed!

Quality House Cleaning Services

Checklist Guarantee

All of our maids are trained on an extensive checklist that has to be done with each and every booking.


We take pride in hiring the highest quality house cleaning services professionals. We continuously monitor performance and ensure quality for our clients.


Backed by multiple layers of security, including SSL and Web Application Firewall ,your information is safe with us.

Happy Maids

We keep our maids happy through numerous reward systems. The key to happy clients is happy employees!

Client Support

Phone support, e-mail support, website support, you name it. We even do text message support!


Paying securely has never been easier, use your credit or debit card with ease.

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Our house cleaning services make it unbelievably easy to keep your home clean!

Why Choose Lavish Clean?

Our Promise!

No request is too big or too small for our team. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Let us take the heavy duty work with your house cleaning needs.
To our customers we are a business that takes care of their house cleaning services with simple booking, luxurious cleaning and friendly employees! Behind the Lavish name, we are a family of coworkers who take care of each other while providing amazing service to our clients.
By making your problems ours, we clean your home with love and care just like it was ours.
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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Read It From Them

“They really save me a lot of time. I travel a lot and the amount of dust that accumulates while I am gone is ridiculous! The last thing I would want to be doing is coming home to a dirty apartment”


“ I fear not the filth in my home, but I do fear the judgmental thoughts from my friends and family ”


“ At first I was ashamed to even contact someone to clean my apartment. Not only has it not been cleaned in months but my dogs had chewed up my sofa and bits and pieces were all over the place. I left for a business meeting and when I came back my home looked amazing! I couldn’t believe it, everything was spotless and in its place!”

Victor Bagazuma

“ I prefer to do my own cleaning, trusting someone to do my dirty work has always been a struggle. When I decided to go with Lavish Clean I was skeptical but after the first cleaning I was beyond satisfied! They did a better job than I would have ever thought. ”


Acomplish Having a Clean, Luxurious, and Peaceful Home

High quality house cleaning services are hard to find, get started on your journey to cleanliness with us.
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